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Clinical psychologist graduated from the School of Practicing Psychologists of Paris, I practice as a libéral and I intervene as a consultant in different structures, companies and institutions médico sociales.

Spécialisée in the management of psychological trauma, I know well the field of psychosocial risks and the improvement of the quality of life at work.

I intervene regularly on site after a potentially traumatic évène to ensure groups of briefings and support the people impacted.

For several years now, I have been conducting training courses for various audiences: social workers, salaried workers, managers, HR and OHS staff, IRP, in different formats (awareness-raising, training, conferences, workshops) and around various themes: conflict and aggression management, stress management, crisis management, support for a largely stubborn public, reconciling their private and professional lives, taking care of addictions at work...

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Evénement grave ou potentiellement traumatique

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