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Do ?️ you encounter tensions or even conflicts in your professional life? Are you tired of dealing with problems that are not your core business? Are you annoyed by the behavior of one of your partners essential to your business? Do you want to focus on growing your business? Do you want to have a close-knit team ready to actively participate in the economic development of your company?

✔ At PG-Médiation I support natural and legal persons who wish to do so to find independently the unique solutions to their conflicts. Closing files cleanly allows each participant to release the energy and attention blocked to put them back at the service of their economic, professional and personal development.

???? "It is not a question of eradicating conflicts. The question is whether we can manage the conflict constructively. Conflict is a creative mechanism through which we deal with our differences. »
William Ury

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My professional experience

I had for 20 years a rich and varied career as an engineer and manager. I started with technical functions to reach a level of expertise in my field, recognized internationally. My hierarchy has entrusted me with team management positions (from 10 to more than 200 people). I took over the charge and development of 2 cooperations with French and German companies with the key to great technical and economic successes.

Successes, failures, fruitful relationships, other sterile or even conflictual ones have marked my career.
In 2015, I crossed paths with Frédéric Laloux and Isaac Getz and wondered about human relations and their impact on my work.

In 2017, I started giving meaning to my professional life. Nonviolent Communication was a first step and mediation the next.

My initial and continuing training

Engineering degree INSA Lyon, 1993,
NonViolent Communication, 2017, >150h,
Cnv Mediation, Institut Émergence, 2018, >280h,
Gestalt-therapy, Parisian School of Gestalt, 2020, >400h

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