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Support for rational work, on site and at the right time, of the leaders of associations, VSEs and SMEs on all the problems related to work.
o HR audit 360° and compliance of practices with French legislation
o Structuring of the Human Resources function in adéquation with the needs
o Construction of a Human Resources policy in adéquation with the strategy / projects / issues
o Custom HR Ingénierie (méthodology, tools, indicators, …)
o Support à the construction and à the animation of a social dialogue of qualityé
o HR development (recruitment, skills management, …)
o Support à the éelaboration of a specification and the deployment of an HRIS
o Evaluation and preparation of occupational risks, construction and implementation of action plans
o Quality diagnosis of life and health at work and conduct of QVT steps
o Accompaniment of the mountain in skills of leaders and managers on their HR, QWL, SSCT knowledge and their managerial practices

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Service Example

Conseil en organisation/stratégie

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HR Diagnosis

Administration du personnel/gestion de la paie

The main objectives of this intervention:
-> give the manager / à the person in charge of HR an overview of the conformity of HR practices
-> Identify risks (legal, financial, pénal)
-> Have a concrete action plan

The prerequisites necessary:
-> total transparency on the part of the structure
-> a commitment of confidentiality on the part of the intervener

The characteristics of intervention méthodology:
- Transmission of the framework of questions that covers the entire HR élargie function
- Change time to complete the frame together
- Study of internal documents made available
- Consolidation time / analysis / formalization of a detailed report
- Restitution and change time on analysis and corrective actions carried out

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Workshops for managers

Management de proximité

The main objectives of this intervention:
-> equip managers in their daily practice
-> integrating QWL into management practices
-> secure the employer function

The prerequisites necessary:
-> availability of managers

The characteristics of intervention méthodology:
-> 6 half-day workshops to address the following topics: legal environment - integration - recruitment - managerial support - Health and security - Social relations - Inclusion
-> Méthode mixing theoretical contributions + échanges of practices + transmission of méthodology and HR tools

Workshops that can be shared between several structures (group up to 8-10 people) Show more

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HRIS project support


The main objectives of this intervention:
-> appropriate the conditions of réussite of a project of deployment of an HRIS
-> equip the décideurs to ask the right questions in order to make a choice éclearé
-> to cover test and validated tools for small and medium-sized structures

The prerequisites necessary:
-> for structures employing > 10 employees

The characteristics of intervention méthodology:
-> half-day workshop
-> of tools Show more

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My professional experience

About fifteen years in the HR function, immersed in extremely varied environments (industry) and carrying out missions on the entire spectrum of Human Resources, have made me a field professional with a good ability to analyze strategic issues.

I have accompanied many organizations in phases of change and restructuring, which has brought me quite quickly to the issues of health at work and the prevention of occupational risks and, more generally, the Quality of Life at Work.

In 2017, I created HR IN SITU in order to respond, in particular, to the needs of Small and Medium Organizations that do not have, internally, Human Resources and/or Quality of Work Life skills allowing them to support certain projects. I intervene both within the companies of the commercial sector and the structures of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

All of my interventions aim to make à reliable and à (ré) humanize the management of Human Resources. I have the heart to transmit the necessary skills to organizations so that they take ownership of HR and QWL issues and gain autonomy.

My common thread is the development of the economic and social performance of these structures.

My initial and continuing training

2021  Acquérir des bases en prévention des risques professionnelle INRS

2019-2020  Advanced English training cycle (C1) / TOEIC score 955/990 Université Lyon 2

06/2019  Intervene in companies to improve ANACT working conditions

03/2019  Transactional Analysis Certificate 101 EATA

12/2018  Manager through work réel (MOOC) EM Lyon & ANACT

2018  Training cycle for trainers in companies (CCE) CCI Training

2017-2018  D.U. Quality of Life at Work & Health & IAE Lyon

2016-2017  D.U. Law and HRM IETL (Lyon 2)

1996-2000  Bachelor of Human Sciences (Psychology) Université de Paris

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