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In the current context of profound transformation of Work and the relationship maintained with it, I am convinced of the need for organizations to support their employees around quality work and positive experience.

Based on my 15-year experience in business and in a law and consulting firm, I am responsible, with and for organizations, for tailor-made and pragmatic steps to positively transform Work and the experience of collaborator.

My goal: to help organizations à (ré) reconcile human and strategic issues and à gain in attractiveness, commitment, congruence and performance.

My approach:
???? Address the topics of work transformation, management, employee experience and QWL in a transversal, systematic and field-sensitive way (these are not just HR topics!),
???? Question the different dimensions of the work and the career of employees, the key moments such as everyday life, needs and uses to identify adapted and effective measures, test and adjust,
???? Accompany transformations in a constructive way by involving the people concerned and acting with intention and humility (who can really say what will happen in advance?!)
???? Approach these topics with dynamism and without taking care of the serious!

I intervene in advice, training and facilitation on topics such as:
???? the transformation of working modes and environments,
???? the development and transformation of managerial practices,
???? improving interactions by relying on the Process Communication Model,
???? the improvement of the key moments of the employee experience,
???? the development of the Quality of Life at Work policy.

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My professional experience

* 2021: Founder of WAX (Work And eXperience)- Consultant, trainer and facilitator
* 2020: Director of Expérience Conseil employé - WorkInprogress (consulting firm)
* 2015-2019: Head of Quality é Group of Life at Work - MACIF Group (insurance)
* 2013-2015: Chargée de développement social et de la santé au travail - Groupe MACIF (insurance)
* 2011-2013: Industrial relations lawyer - MACIF Group (insurance)
* 2010: Juriste doit social - EDF (Industries électriques et gazières) and Groupe Beaumanoir (prêt à porter)
* 2006-2010: Lawyer in social law - Cabinet Fromont Briens (law firm)

My initial and continuing training

* Certificate Trainer in Process Communication Model® -KCF (2021)
* Facilit4hacker Course (facilitation) - IMFUSIO (2021)
* Facilitating transformation projects through design thinking (2020)
* Coaching Fundamentals -International Mozaïk (2020)
*Certificate of prsychosocial risk management - Elegia (2013)

*Certificate of Aptitude à the Profession of Lawyer - EFB Paris (2007)

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