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Sourcing and creation of a one-off team

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You have a one-off project that does not need to build a specific and punctual project (e.g. multi-site RPS training project, clinaison and international ploiement of a QWL policy, ...)
Depending on your needs, we finish together:
the size of the equipment and the expected skills,
the modalities of organization and coordination of the team,
modes of collaboration (salaried or indépendants)
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My professional experience

My entire professional career has been in the field of human resources (recruitment/hunting of têtes, GPEC, compétences) and in management (équipes, projects).

I spent the last 10 years in a firm expert in PRS and promotion of QWL as a sales representative and then sales manager

My initial and continuing training

Maîtrise in Social Sciences, IES, Paris

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