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As an independent consultant psychologist, I work in companies to support employees, managers and HR in the context of the preparation and management of psychosocial risks but also in a process of improvement of the quality of life at work. Thus I accompany companies on various devices:
- Training on health topics at work: stress management, change, accompaniment of a colleague in difficulty
- Crisis management: éassessment of the situation, implementation of the system and advice à supervision, intervention, intervention report
- Permanence of individual interviews
- Psychological cost line...

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Evénement grave ou potentiellement traumatique

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Permanence QVT

Conseil en organisation/stratégie

Permanence of individual interviews in a démarche of prévention and management of psychosocial risks.
As a psychologist, I am at the disposal of salaried workers who wish to be accompanied on personal and professional problems.

I can accompany you on the implementation of communication. A quantitative and qualitative report will be sent to you Show more

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Training on health topics at work such as: stress management, preparation of inter/external violence, management of work, change management, support for an employee in difficulty... Show more

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Individual psychological support

Conseil en organisation/stratégie

Psychological support is a crédit of hours of psychological interview that you make available to one or more employees.
The objective of these interviews will be to accompany the person or persons on personal or professional problems that have an impact on their work.
The interviews will be held face-to-face, in the office (located à à Boulogne-Billancourt) or remotely (by phone or videoconférence).
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My professional experience

Since 2021 - Psychologist in libéral & Business Consultant:
- Individual psychological support on personal and professional problems (faceéface, téléphone and téléconsultation)
- Emergency response to potentially traumatic événements
- Support and implementation of measures as part of the development of the Quality of Life at Work: permanence of individual interviews, establishment of écost…
- Animation of groups of lyrics and trainings on various themes (change management, stress management, support of a colleague in psychological détresse…)

2016 à 2021 - Axis Mundi (Paris 9ème), Consulting Psychologist:
- Individual psychological support in front or remotely (téléphone and téléconsultation)
- Post-traumatic interventions following potentially traumatic événements (éevaluation of the situation, organization of an intervention device, care of impacted people, report)
- Production and Animation of training (e.g. thematics: PRévention of PSR, stress management, conflict management/aggression, professional fatigue, tecter and accompany a colleague in difficultyés…)
- Advice to management and human resources in a crisis situation or in the context of the preparation of psychosocial risks
- Production of qualitative and quantitative reports following the support put in place

2012-2016 - Cabinet Psya (Paris 9ème), Consulting Psychologist:
- Telephone consultation via psychological cost lines (service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
- On-site post-traumatic interventions
- Training and awareness-raising actions for salaried workers
- Management assistance
- Psychological on-site permanence (individual interviews and groups of words)

My initial and continuing training

- Diploma of Clinical Psychologist, School of Practicing Psychologists (Paris)
- Training in Psychotraumatology (Institut Français d'EMDR)
- ICV Training, Double Hélice Institute
- Training Intervention Psychothérapeutique Post-Immédiate à the continuation of a évènement, AFFORCUMP
- Training à management of the suicidal crisis

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