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Intervention à visée préventi

Crise organisationnelle, équipe en tension

I put à disposition of équipes in tension or conflict, according to the temporalityé of the situation and its roots, either spaces for discussion on the work, or a médiation of tensions and conflicts at work.
Pre-intervention and/or effective follow-up may be able to assess the outcome of this type of intervention. Show more

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Intervention à visée préventi

Relations de travail dégradées

I propose an accompaniment of the working relations of gradées, whether this dégradation is inter-individual or structural, isolated or collective, by proposing according to the situation, the establishment and animation of spaces of discussion on work or a médiation of tensions-conflicts.
Pre-intervention and/or effective follow-up may be able to assess the outcome of this type of intervention. Show more

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Dialogue social - relations IRP

The difficulties of social dialogue, particularly in relations with staff representatives, can unnecessarily strain the working atmosphere and participate in confidence and ability to communicate between the various key players in the running of the company, such as management bodies and readers. I propose that you analyse the situation in order to be able to make pragmatic proposals to improve the quality of social dialogue and relations with staff representatives. Show more

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Help à the decision


It can be very difficult for a manager to take a decision whose port is clear as engaging vis-à-vis his collaborators, salariés, customers. My function as a médiatrice which implies an ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY, loyauté, neutralité, allows me to&eci;be a third party interlocutor à the company of choice to whom you can dés to ask your doubts, your fears, your feelings, without fear of any judgment whatsoever, to take a decision éacute;eacute;eacute;e in relation to your needs réel. Our interviews can be held remotely or in pre-eacute;sentiel and à adapted schedules ás à your constrained calendar. Show more

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Psychosocial risks

Gestion de crise

-awareness of the company's stakeholders
-accompaniment à the élabor of the policy of prévention
-setting up discussion spaces on the work
-médiation of conflicts
-enquiry Show more

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My professional experience

After 25 years of applied research in a Risk Management Institute, I have oriented my career to focus on what makes sense to me: WORK, its quality of life and réalisation, the médiation of the conflicts it generates, the preparation of psychosocial risks, crisis support, awareness-raising among employees, bodies, supervisors and managers, animation of discussion spaces on work... to participate à my level à give back to the work its letters of nobility for the good of all and the health of everyone in the company.

My initial and continuing training

CAP employé laboratory technology 1990
Doctorate Physiology-Pathophysiology 2004 Paris VI
DU "Médiations" 2018 Paris II
DU "psychosocial risks à the quality of life at work" 2021 Paris II

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